Award winning chocolate,  throughout these years our work has been recognized in several areas, both for quality and for our commitment to make a better world.

  • Golden Bar 2023. Calamondin Bar –  Ecuador Chocolate Awards
  • Golden Bar 2023. Salt and Cardamom Bar  – Ecuador Chocolate Awards
  • Golden Bar 2023. Nibs 70% Bar – Ecuador Chocolate Awards
  • Silver Bar 2023. Cacao Pulp Bar – Ecuador Chocolate Awards
  • Honorable Mention 2019. Guayabilla Bar – Ecuador Chocolate Awards
  • Silver Bar 2019. Salt and cardamom Bar chocolate – Ecuador Chocolate Awards
  • Golden Bar 2019, Chocolate 80% cacao Ecuador Chocolate Awards
  • Recognition of the international Slow Food movement with the Chocó national cocoa bastion.
  • Recognition of the Ministry of Environment of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito for the environmental work of this project
  • First place in the Ecuadorian Tourism Challenge, Ministry of Tourism
  • Bronze at the International Chocolate Awards, bar filled with cocoa pulp
  • Bronze at the International Chocolate Awards, 70% bar with cocoa nibs
  • First place in the national contest Flavors and Delights of our Land, Vegan chocolate with chocho powder.
  • Beneficiaries of the BioComercio Andino project, sustainable and innovative businesses.
  • First place in the international competition of Bio-Ideas, sustainable and innovative businesses.



Together with several families living in the area, we are founding members of Imaymana. Through this NGO we have developed several projects that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Andean Chocó, hand in hand with the conservation and restoration of the ecosystems.

We have actively participated in projects focused on regenerative cacao, edible forests, tourism, scientific research, and are currently working with Pacto families in the development of efficient combustion ovens and agroforestry woodlots, seeking to reduce deforestation of the surrounding forests and improve the living conditions of these families.

Red Guardianes de Semillas

 We have been working since 2002 in permaculture, agro-ecology, bio-construction, food sovereignty, solidarity economy, educational alternatives and appropriate technologies.

The Seed Guardian Network connects families that protect agrobiodiversity and promote regenerative life systems in Ecuador.

The planet’s life support systems are threatened by deforestation, monoculture plantations, land grabbing and forest ecosystem degradation, all of which must be seen as opportunities for restoration.

 We work to restore the productivity of degraded lands and provide new sources of income and food for local populations. We support interventions for small farmers and indigenous communities in developing countries to maintain and restore their forests and improve their income and livelihoods.


We have chosen to collaborate with certification initiatives that go beyond the ordinary and, in particular, reflect real efforts that go far beyond application through a form.


PGS of the Seed Guardians Network accompanies producers and helps them maintain high standards of quality and agro-ecological safety, promoting the consumption of food produced in harmony with the environment, aimed at building a fairer and more sustainable world.

Each petal of the flower represents a parameter that is taken into account to achieve a holistic production, in this case Mashpi handmade chocolate has completed all the petals that make up the flower of the permanence.

agroecological guarantee seal


Chromatography analyses soil samples and gives a comprehensive reading of the interaction between minerals, microbiology and regenerative matter. It is a far superior technique to conventional soil studies that are limited to analyzing dry, burnt-out, lifeless soil samples.

Chromatography can be done on the farm and allows the participation of those of us who are producers, understanding directly the state of the soil, seen as an ecosystem rather than a simple substrate.


In the image you can see the work of soil recovery developed by MASHPI CHOCOLATE ARTESANAL, represents the return of a productive system to a forest floor.
In the image, the chroma on the left, you can see the soil in its natural ecosystem (protected forest) and on the right, a chroma after the work of soil conservation by MASHPI CHOCOLATE ARTESANAL. The two examples give an account of the work in cocoa cultivation, seeking a production system that resembles and relates to the forest.


MASHPI CHOCOLATE ARTESANAL is the result of the perfect integration that occurs between the different minerals, organic matter and soil microbiology when working in harmony with regenerative agriculture, its owners can prove it with the constant chromatographic analysis they do in their cocoa cultivation to justify its unique quality in the region of THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD- ECUADOR. MASHPI HANDMADE CHOCOLATE, IS THE FIRST CHOCOLATE PRODUCED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD, WITH THE CHROMATOGRAPHIC SEAL OF GUARANTEED QUALITY WITHIN REACH OF YOUR POCKET.


mashpi chocolate as a bastion of slow food


Since 2012 we have been working hard to establish and formalize an alliance with Slow Food International. This organization envisions a world in which all people have access to good, clean and healthy food: for those who consume it, for those who grow it and for the planet.

With more than one million activists, cooks, experts, young people, producers, fishermen and academics from 160 countries In September 2018, the Chocó National Cocoa Presidium was created.

The bastions promote the rescue of a food culture linked to the production of food that is in danger of extinction and the protection of unique regions and ecosystems.


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