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Handmade Chocolate

We produce handmade chocolate with love that it’s good for you and the planet

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What we stand for

Emphatically, we carry out our daily activities following the rhythms of nature. We are studying and trying to restore the natural cycles of soil, water and environment.

Permaculture provides tools that allow us to transform society towards a more just way of living among humans and other beings that inhabit this planet.

We carry out and encourage creative research, especially seeking to generate key information about the life cycles of the species that inhabit the Chocó.

How did it all start?

Mashpi is the name of a river, a valley and the community we are part of.  We are a family project with the participation of neighbors in the community.

More than a decade ago we started a forest conservation and restoration project.

Undoubtedly, in the search to generate a healthy and sustainable environment in the Chocó bioregion, we decided to create regenerative systems of regenerative agriculture and similar forestry, rescuing the national fine aroma cocoa, one of the best cocoa in the world.

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Our ingredients

Our handmade chocolate has ingredients that come from the farm or from nearby farms, where they are grown together with the cocoa trees in a diverse production system.
We use accordingly, unconventional and high value fruits, spices and seeds
nutritional value such as guava, cacao, calamondin, cocoa pulp and more!

Panela from Pacto

We are convinced that this product is an essential part of our unique flavors and its consumption contributes to creating a healthier, cleaner and fairer world.

The consumption of panela carries great wisdom, since it is elaborated in a handmade way, and it maintains in the final product great quantity of minerals that nourish our body.

This real gold is produced by peasant families on small farms who demonstrate in their work a great love of the land, working hard to maintain their peasant ways of life in an increasingly urban and mechanized world.

They are creating a different model of development every day, as opposed to the metal mining that threatens to destroy this heritage.

Our cocoa for handmade chocolate

The national cacao is a bio-cultural heritage, unique to Ecuador. However, it is being replaced by lower quality agro-industrial cacao. Our food forests are focused on rescuing ancient national cocoa varieties, safeguarding the diversity of flavors and aromas that have made this cacao world famous, creating good, clean, handmade and fair products.




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Handmade chocolate


Learn how we make it

Here we show you how the most delicious chocolate is made.