Cacao pulp – 4oz


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Discover the captivating allure of cacao pulp, our star ingredient that offers a truly unique culinary experience. Derived from the cacao pod, this remarkable pulp plays a vital role in the fermentation process, yet it shines brilliantly on its own. With a delightful balance of sourness and sweetness, reminiscent of molasses and occasionally likened to balsamic, the pulp emanates enticing aromas that intertwine notes of raspberry and fig. Its versatility knows no bounds in the kitchen, seamlessly adapting to both savory and sweet creations. Use it as a substitute for balsamic vinegar or soy sauce, employ it to marinate various meats, blend it with olive oil for a sensational salad vinaigrette, incorporate it into your homemade granola before baking, drizzle it directly over fruits, or elegantly decorate cakes. To preserve its quality, store it like honey – in a cool, dark place, shielded from sunlight, within an airtight container.

***NOTE: we have recently changed our presentation on the cacao pulp. It currently comes in 4oz sachet bags with a spout. While we don't love the current presentation & we are working on improving it, the product inside is the exact same.

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