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Bag of 350gr. (12.35oz) Intillacta Reserve – High altitude Arabica.

Agroecological high altitude Arabica, non certified Organic coffee

This Arabica coffee has been farmed in a Reserve in the Choco forest of Ecuador. This coffee was 100% manually cultivated and harvested in an agroforestry reserve and it is the same coffee that we use in our chococoffee bar.  Through an interesting and dinamic process of restoration of the soil, Intillacta wants to return the productive capacity of this land, improve the habitat for wildlife and bring specialty coffee from plant to cup. This product is based in principles of sustainability and social justice.

Roast: Medium

Farm location: Choco Region of Ecuador, Nanegalito area, about 2 hours northwest of the Capital city of Quito.

Altitude 1900 meters above sea level (about 6200 feet asl).

Varietals: Caturra, Tipica

Aroma notes: sweet and citric tones, floral with orange blossom, caramel and cedar notes.

Intillacta's is our sister project, but Intillacta is 100% Organic.

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Ground, Whole Bean